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Aesthetically Refined enforces a cancellation policy on select services and reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee for any no-shows and late cancellations. Note that you may be a no-show if you are late for your scheduled appointment, and it is up to the business to decide whether the fee is applied.

The cancellation fee is only charged if you violate the terms of the cancellation policy. If you show up to the appointment on time or cancel before the deadline listed on your confirmation page, no cancellation fee will be withdrawn from your account. As the fee is not charged for successful appointments, you will be expected to pay for your treatment in full at your appointment. This can be done with card or cash.

Kindly note your booking is not confirmed until you have entered your card details on the booking page and this must be completed before your appointment. Your card will not be charged at this time only if you break the terms of the above policy.

You have a review at 2 weeks post treatment. This is where we can do any adjustments that are needed and if we are happy with the treatment results then no "top up" will be required.

For all anti wrinkle treatments you’re offered a review at two weeks post treatment, this is where we can do any adjustments if needed. If you fail to show up or cancel your review/appointment then you forfeit the right to a review during this round of treatment.

If you have any queries or concerns with any treatments received by Aesthetically Refined, these need to be raised within 6 weeks of your treatment date. 

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